The Magnet & the Stable Universe The Magnet & the Stable Universe

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Paul T E Cusack


Theories on the universe, established in 1905, don’t adequately explain how the universe really works. Those errors how propagated for over 100 years because there were thought to be untouchable. We provide here a brief explanation of how it really works, named Astro-Theology, Cusack’s universe. Its proof lies in the mass of the proton- the stored energy of the Superforce. The Superforce was discovered and published in previous papers by the same author. It is hoped that this new theory is well tested, not in the media, but rather in experimental observation, as all science should be. A n understanding of the universe must be beautiful and true. That is enough to make a life worthwhile. This is the holy grail of humanity.

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Cusack, P. T. E. (2018). The Magnet & the Stable Universe: The Magnet & the Stable Universe. Asian Journal of Mathematical Sciences(AJMS), 1(05). Retrieved from
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