On Application of Unbounded Hilbert Linear Operators in Quantum Mechanics On Application of Unbounded Hilbert Linear Operators in Quantum Mechanics

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Eziokwu C. Emmanuel


This research work presents an important Banach space in functional analysis which is known and called
Hilbert space. We verified the crucial operations in this space and their applications in physics, particularly
in quantum mechanics. The operations are restricted to the unbounded linear operators densely defined
in Hilbert space which is the case of prime interest in physics, precisely in quantum machines. Precisely,
we discuss the role of unbounded linear operators in quantum mechanics, particularly, in the study of
Heisenberg uncertainty principle, time-independent Schrödinger equation, Harmonic oscillation, and
finally, the application of Hamilton operator. To make these analyses fruitful, the knowledge of Hilbert
spaces was first investigated followed by the spectral theory of unbounded operators, which are claimed
to be densely defined in Hilbert space. Consequently, the theory of probability is also employed to study
some systems since the operators used in studying these systems are only dense in H (i.e., they must (or
probably) be in the domain of H defined by L2 ( ) −∞,+∞ ).

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