An Investigation to Continuum Hypothesis

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Carson Lam Kai Shun


Everyone is born with equal rights, and therefore should have an equal opportunity to receive education. Based on the author’s previous teaching experience, an empirical teaching model for schools has been developed. Based on this model, an educational philosophy was also discovered, which can be categorized and circulated through teaching, learning, and reflecting. Indeed, through daily experience, this philosophy can be transformed into useful daily applications. The converse of the fact that daily applications can be transformed back into philosophy is also true. Furthermore, the purpose of a case study is rationalization. As such, details of this study will be explained in the following sections. For Penrose’s philosophical beliefs, there may be three proposed theories: (1) Three types of infinity act as significant stages between the three traditional types of mathematical philosophy and Penrose’s three worlds’ theory. (2) Different types of infinity act as significant stages to connect various types of philosophy, which can be mapped into the multiverse. (3) Inductively, there should be a generalized significance stage that relates to meta-philosophy and the mega-universe. Thus, the aim of this research is to find out the complete solving method of the continuum hypothesis through my suggested research in a book reading investigation. If an in-depth investigation of the continuum hypothesis is required, one may extend the book research project to a larger scale by using big data. Hence, the problem can be viewed and settled in a more detailed manner. Finally, a generalized rationalization theorem will be discovered.

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