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Khusid Mykhaylo


The author has been researching on the topic for many years, indicated in the title. He published the
results of his research that shown at the end of the review under the "Resources" heading. Primary goal,
which is a proof of the binary or strong Goldbach problem. From[1-10] in the resources the ternary
Goldbach problem is taken as a basis, which was reportedly finally resolved in 2013, which is not is
currently confirmed. At the same time, the author admits his incorrect solution to the proof of a binary
problem in a number of publications[5],[6] and others, which are detailed in section 2.1.Recent publications
[11, 12] in the opinion of the author are universal and not are not tied to Goldbach's ternary problem, but
vice versa proves it. In section 2.3 the author will show two possible proofs. And in conclusion, a new
formulation regarding the sum of n prime numbers.

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