Cultural Transformations in Parents’ Handling of Child ICT Usage

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Carson Lam Kai Shun


How should someone encourage “positive and quality usage of ICT” among students? Lam (2016) suggests that “school and family partnership theory” as well as “mediation philosophy” are key factors for parents when it comes to changing their attitude towards the handling of child ICT usage. Even so, what are the stages or processes of these transformations? This study will review four models and theories that predict the behavioral changes of people. Based on these theories, this study recommends a “permeability model of changes” to depict the alteration actions of parents due to the behavioral changes. Therefore, it becomes possible to aid — also known as systemic therapy — immediately during the different stages or levels of change in the model. Hence, parents can successfully change their behavior toward dealing with their children’s ICT usage, in addition to being able to control this usage. Furthermore, this paper also proposes that a social, cultural, and psychological factor of children’s ICT usage constitutes a step toward the philosophy of digital equity. These enhance the aim of the present research by ultimately urging “a positive and quality usage of ICT” among students (Yuen et al., 2014: p. 13). The poor academic effects of using ICT for entertainment can, therefore, be eliminated. That said, parents must nurture their children’s passion for learning by not only controlling their ICT usage. The reason is that being overly strict may lead the child to rebel. If this was to occur, then professional intervention would be necessary. As a result, it would be possible to improve the scholarly achievements of students using educational technology, and it could also bridge the digital divide in education.

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