An In-Depth Philosophy Solving the Mystery of Digital Equity

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Carson Lam Kai Shun


Previous studies by Lam (2016) show that infinity can be used as a bridge (i.e. constitutes a proof) to connect mathematics and Roger Penrose’s three world philosophy. Indeed, one can extend Penrose’s three world philosophy to Ken Wilber’s Spectrum of Consciousness, which consists of four levels and nine stages. To delve deeper into this theory, it may be proposed that the Multiple World Philosophy corresponds to the multiple types of infinity. This theory can then be applied to describe the complex multidimensional characteristics of digital equity. In addition, it can be used to depict the interconnections between these dimensions, as there are also affiliations between these worlds. Therefore, Multiple World Philosophy is highly likely to be a theory for solving mystery for different characters — the multiple dimensions of digital equity. The occurrence of digital equity implies that we are emerging as an information-based society. Thus, information-based ethics such as privacy, accuracy, property, and accessibility should be included in school curriculums. In such a case, the access or non-access problem transcends to the ethical usage of ICT devices. By understanding the multiverse philosophy, it is possible to overcome part of the gap it creates by applying strategy. In fact, one can only solve this problem using multi-policies that correspond to different dimensions, since digital equity employs a multi-dimensional philosophy. Therefore, schools, community resources, the government, and private corporations must work together to develop a citizenry that is capable of participating in the present information age that helping to settle the digital equity more effectively.

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Shun, C. L. K. (2021). An In-Depth Philosophy Solving the Mystery of Digital Equity. Asian Journal of Mathematical Sciences(AJMS), 5(3).
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