Encouraging Statistical Learning through Eastern and Western Mathematical History and its Butterfly Effect Consequences

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Carson Lam Kai Shun


What are those factors that affect students’ academic performance? In this study, it is shown that children’s self-efficacy and achievement goals together with their parents’ involvement can affect the scholar outcome. This author employs a test in whether (creating meanings) to history context can attract young teenagers in learning mathematics. Moreover, it is also interesting to have a research in its consequences butterfly effect. Indeed, for the Singapore’s mathematics curriculum, meanings for historical context is used to motivate students for understand difficult mathematics concepts. However, the country lacks the application of these ideas to their daily application. It is no doubt that too much emphasis in applications will lead us into the road of traditional Babylonians – they knew much about numerical mathematics but cannot generalize our modern mathematical laws like Pythagoras Theorem. One of the applications of the butterfly effect framework is to help us establish our future digital library. The limitation is an unexpected result may happen where the framework becomes invalid. This can be remediated using expectance to solve the problem associated.

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