A Review in Our Present Teaching Pedagogies: Traditional, Digital, and Flipped Learning

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Carson Lam Kai Shun


There are lots of countries’ government start the so called digital (e-learning) learning. In the first few sections, this author tries to analyses those barriers that prevent our schools implementing digital learning. In the following sections, this paper compares the effectiveness of traditional learning versus digital one. It shows that the class size is the detemining factor. At the same time, the flipped class model is now the newest teaching and learning pedagogy that should be focused. The result tells us that when there is a suitable teacher training, the flipped model can help students achieve higher academic achievement. This scholar believes the implementation of such model may finally come up with a better improved learning method in the future that combines of these three pedagogies. However, an improvement in our education may lead to the raise of government expenditure. The problem may finally affect various fields of spending. Thus, education becomes a political issue and may require some extra resources to fulfill the expanding needs of education manpower and her future development.

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