Should we Choose “Citizenship” or “Global” Education? A Hong Kong Local View

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Carson Lam Kai Shun


This essay attempts to address the problem of citizenship education in Hong Kong. As an international financial hub, Hong Kong should educate the next generation to have a more globalized perspective. That is, globalization is now steering toward the advancement of new science and technology. Hence, the world is now increasingly becoming more interconnected and interdependent. Hong Kong has reunified with China and thus should have a better understanding of its culture and policies, etc. As such, Hong Kong’s younger generations should receive citizenship education in order to have a better understanding of its related national status. The above two schools of thought have caused heated controversy about citizenship education in Hong Kong. There is a dilemma for deciding whether a global or national priority is more important for citizenship education in Hong Kong. Furthermore, specific topics that best suit Hong Kong’s circumstances must be included in the curriculum.

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